MCR 1165 – Market Design Process Diagrams & Messages – conversion from ARIS to Document format

The RoI Retail Market currently uses ARIS, a Business Process Modelling tool, to display the Market Design (Market Process Diagrams, Market Messages, Market Segments and Codes and other documents relevant to the Market Design). In 2013 further to discussions with Market Participants and approval from CER, a decision was made to exit from ARIS. This aligns with the format in use by NIE and Gaslink.

Due to the volume of MPDs and Market Messages to be converted multiple DR/MCRs are required:-

At the IGG on 26th March 2014 DR 1145 was approved. The MCR was subsequently approved at the IGG on 28th May 2015 which covered 21 of the 41 MPDs and these are available on the RMDS website.

At the IGG on 14th January 2015 DR & MCR 1155 were approved. The MCR covered 9 of the 41 MPDs and these are available on the RMDS website.

This MCR is intended to cover the final 11MPDs to be converted as well as documenting where all the documentation held in ARIS is now located on the RMDS website. This brings to a close the full transfer of all information held in ARIS to document format.

This MCR was approved at the IGG on 13th May 2015.

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