TIBCO / Schema Programme -2015

The TIBCO / Schema Programme includes the upgrade of the market messaging hub and other critical communications and database software to deliver a single, stable market messaging solution for both the RoI and NI electricity markets.

The programme also includes the introduction of the MDR Schema 2015 changes to be implemented in parallel with the TIBCO Hub Upgrade. The MDR Schema part of the programme contains two Schema MCRs – MCR 1111 & MCR 1122 and one Non-Schema MCR – MCR1133.

The plans for the implementation will be coordinated through the joint industry governance bodies.

The objectives of the TIBCO Hub Upgrade portion of the project are:-

  • Overcoming the shortcomings of the present Hub/EMMA components;
  • Providing a stable platform for supporting the markets for the foreseeable future;
  • Being a fully supported solution aligned with system vendor best practice recommendations and technology roadmaps;
  • Catering for projected Smart Metering generated message volumes and sizes for Hub only (RoI and NI);
  • Delivering a dual-site High Availability & Disaster Recovery solution capable of running on a 24*365 basis;
  • Improving the efficiency and reduce the risk of implementing MCRs; and
  • Delivering the solution in a way that minimises impact on Market Participants.

The objectives for the three MCRs that are part of this Release are:-

  • Automate the Debt Flagging process that is currently a manual procedure for Market Participants – MCR 1111
  • Introduce a new flag into the market design to identify Essential Plant – MCR 1122
  • Introduction of Working Practice for Group Unmetered Debt Flagging – MCR 1133