Monthly Archives: November 2014

Conference Call – 03.12.2014

Event Name Conference Call Date 03-12-2014 Time 15:00 – 16:00 Location Description Agenda for Conf. Call 03122014 v1.0 Conf Call Minutes 031214 v1.0

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MCR 1151 – Add the Meter Multiplier and Meter Category code value for each relevant MPRN to the COM_REG and DOM_REG files available on the Secure File Transfer System (SFTS)

Currently the COM_REG and DOM_REG files made available on the SFTS do not contain the Meter Multiplier or the Meter Category consistently across both of these files. The objective of this DR is that a supplier should be able to…

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DR 1149 – Request that Suppliers ensure that they submit only one active COLE

A small number of large Suppliers are sending in multiple COLE 016MM for single MPRNs. The evidence is that multiple 016MM come into the Central Market System from certain Suppliers, one 016 directly after the other. This has been causing…

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MCR 1145 – Market Design Process Diagrams – conversion from ARIS to document format

The RoI Retail Market currently uses ARIS, a Business Process Modelling tool, to display the Market Design (Market Process Diagrams, Market Messages, Market Segments and Codes and other documents relevant to the Market Design). In 2013 further to discussions with…

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