DR 1152 – Change to MG NI 22 – Customer Data Requests- 1/2 Hourly Customer Data requests.

Extract from MG NI 22 – Customer Data Requests, Page 4 Clause 2.1.2

“One non-chargeable request may be made for a Meter Point in a calendar year. This limit is independent whether the request is from a Customer or a Supplier. The customer will be notified in advance, by e-mail, if a charge is to be applied. If the request is not withdrawn the charge will be applied to the Registered Supplier.”


Power NI have contacted customers where there was a charge levied against Power NI for the data. We were informed that NIE had told the customer of the charge via email however this confirmation could not be shared with Power NI. Power NI are therefore left with a charge relating to an activity (which could be up to 3 months ago) incurred following a conversation we are not aware of.

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