MCR 1086 – Working Practice for Debt Flagging based on CER decision CER 11 106

In June 2011 the Commission published a proposed Decision, CER/11/106 – Customer Bad Debt in Electricity & Gas Markets, on the issue of Customer Bad Debt. Following careful consideration of the options and taking account of the views of all respondents to the paper, CER has approved the implementation of a debt flagging facility into the Change of Supplier processes (MPD01, MPD02, MPD03) for both domestic and small/medium businesses in the electricity and gas markets.

In June 2013 the Commission published an Information Paper CER/13/135 – Debt Flagging Review. With this Review CER decided that the debt flagging of unmetered electricity supplies be formally commenced. Effective date 01/07/2013. WP 20 has been updated to include Unmetered Debt Flagging.

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