MCR 1122 – Introduction of Flag into the Market Design to identify Sites with Essential Plant

The traditional practice of ESBN has been not to de-energise essential plant where Health & Safety issues may arise.

Essential Plant includes but not limited to:

• Water Pumping/Treatment Systems, Fire Fighting Equipment incl. Alarms, Pumps, etc.

• Fire Fighting Equipment incl. Alarms, Pumps, Access gates for Fire Brigade etc.

• Sewage systems

• Lighting/lifts in indoor/outdoor common areas of apartment blocks/private developments

• The electricity used is not for personal use and the tariff applicable is a business tariff.

This DR seeks to introduce a new flag to allow for an MPRN to be identified in the Central Market System as Essential Plant. DSO will maintain this flag. This flag is valid for relevant Unmetered DG3/DG4 at a TMPRN level and Business DG5 and higher. The content of the flag will be made available to Suppliers and TSO on the Extranet and the downloadable meter point details file as well as certain messages that are indicated in detail in the following section.

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