Market Release – 2013

The 2013 Market Release has been deferred until 2014

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This section of the RMDS website aims to communicate all relevant information around the first Co-ordinated Schema Release 2013. The pages have been designed to reflect the Release Life Cycle. These pages will form a central repository for all published Release documentation. Please feel free to send suggestions and comments about information you would like to see displayed here. All correspondence to be sent to ReMCoDS


The Schema Release Date and The Schema release Content. Formal Planning for Release 2013 started at the beginning of October 2012. Prior to this, Retail Markets Co-Ordination Design Service undertook an assessment and review of all outstanding and current MCRs which could potentially have been considered for inclusion in the next release. There are many different stakeholders involved in the Release planning exercises. Release 2013 will be the first Schema release since the H&SP Project go live in October 2012.   e

Release Date

Release 2013 will go live on weekend 19.10.2013 – 20.10.2013. The Release go live will require an outage to all Market Systems in both ROI and NI. Factors that were considered when determining Release Date

  • Choosing a Non Bank Holiday Weekend in both ROI and NI
  • Choosing a weekend when month end or large scale activities would not be impacted
  • Accommodating system maintenance activities (site switch in ROI and Disaster Recovery in NI)

Contingency Release Date: It was decided that a contingency release date should be scheduled for Release 2013. The contingency date is 2 weeks post scheduled release date which is 02.11.2013 – 03.11.2013. It is important to note that the contingency Release Date is not intended to be used for project slippage and will only come into play if there are issues over the planned cutover weekend

Release Content

How The Content Was Determined for Release 2013

– Prioritisation Exercise was held

  • An Email with a list of MCRs to be prioritised was sent to MPs in ROI and NI. MPs could choose whether to participate in the ranking exercise or not.
  • Results were submitted to ReMCoDS
  • ReMCoDS collated all individual MP responses into a short-list for review by NIE and ESB Networks

– The Network Operators considered feasibility of MCR delivery and jointly suggested a package

  • The following were taken into account: cost , technical complexity, resource requirements, compatibility with other system work including upgrades and maintenance.

– CER and NIAUR approved the Release Package – Suppliers were informed at the IGG on 05.12.2012 and were able to provide feedback on content selection. Release 2013 Content Detail Schema and Non Schema release was agreed to take place in October 2013. Schema Changes The full list of MCRs which MPs ranked can be found below:

The consolidated view of the ranking exercise can be found below:

The final Schema Release Content is as follows:

It is suggested that All MPs in both jurisdictions impact assess the Release content on their systems.

Non Schema Changes ROI : There are no non schema MCRs for ROI being released as part of the 2013 Market Release.

NI: There are three non schema changes which will be released for NI as part of the 2013 Market Release.
They are as follows:

* please note that the changes for NI Non-Schema_122 MM Implementation already exist within the schema. The element which is to be included in the 2013 release, is the market testing and release to the live environments.

Reference Material
Description Date
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