MCR 1111 – Automated Debt Flagging Solution

In June 2011 the Commission published a proposed Decision, CER/11/106 – Customer Bad Debt in Electricity & Gas Markets, on the issue of Customer Bad Debt. CER approved the implementation of a debt flagging facility into the Change of Supplier processes for both domestic and small/medium businesses in the electricity and gas markets.

The CER has further ruled on the key dates for implementation, as follows:

– Interim Debt Flagging solution for implementation by 1st Oct 2011

– Automated Debt Flagging solution for implementation by 1st Jan 2013 (Please note, this date cannot be achieved as there is no Jan 2013 Market Release.)

As stated in the Decision paper, due to the significant amount of system change required to automate a new process and due to the existing commitment regarding the delivery of the Retail Market Harmonisation Project precluding development in 2011, an interim Working Practice is required to meet the October 1st deadline. RMDS, in conjunction with MRSO, has now initiated Working Practice 20 to serve as the interim solution to the approved debt flagging proposal within the Change of Supplier process.

MCR was updated and re-versioned to include more information on the population of reject reason codes.

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