MCR 0174 – Incomplete Set of Reads

See DR 114

The issue

Currently when Market participants submit reads via market message 210, validation is in place within

the Central Market System (CMS) which prohibits the acceptance of an actual read as part of an incomplete set of reads for a site with multiple meters. That is, at a site with multiple meters, if a customer is only able to gather one read due to the other meter being obstructed or broken, the 210 message would be submitted with 1 actual read and 1 blank read. The CMS identifies an incomplete set of reads and rejects the 210 message with the 303R market message.

The issue with this is that valuable read data is being lost. There are some legitimate cases where it is very difficult to read both meters (e.g. no access to one of the meters). If a customer is able to provide a partial set of actual reads for their meters, it is better than not providing any actual reads. The argument is that customers are asking for their reads to be used but the reads are continually being rejected by ESBN as they fail validation in terms of being a complete set of reads. These actual reads should be kept and used to build a more accurate read history for the customer.

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