MCR 0073 – Proposal to make first name mandatory on market messages

Reason for Market Change Request:

The reason the MCR was initially raised was to ensure that where a supplier provides a ‘Person’ type name that First Name be considered mandatory. Making first name mandatory would assist in:

  • Improving the quality of customer data held
  • Making customers in rural areas more readily identifiable

At the time of writing the MCR in 2006, Eircodes were not proposed or intended to be implemented in the near future. Eircodes will be introduced to the market systems and will form part of the market design data set from some point in 2016. The introduction of Eircodes should significantly improve the quality of data held. As in other jurisdictions where postcodes have been introduced, data quality and coverage will improve over time. It is suggested that the reasons stated above for the implementation of mandatory first names may be achieved through the introduction of Eircodes either completely or partially. It is suggested that when assessing the MCR during future prioritisation exercises, that the current context of Eircodes be taken into consideration by all Participants

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