MCR 1033 – Add Market Participant Business Reference to 300 MM with CoLE Reads and any subsequent 300W MM withdrawing the CoLE Read

With the increase in the volumes of Domestic customers changing Supplier, Market Participants are experiencing a rise in the number of issues around CoLEs. In situations where there are multiple CoLEs in a short period of time, difficulties arise in associating the correct CoLE read with the initiating CoLE 016 Market Message. This can prove to be both time-consuming and tedious. It would therefore be of major benefit to Suppliers in resolving issues around CoLE readings, to have the Market Participant Business Reference field populated on both the relevant 300 and any associated 300W Market Message, thus enabling Supplier to more readily identify the originating 016 message.

This issue is also relevant for Special Reads. Supplier issues could be resolved by having the Market Participant Business Reference field which is populated on the incoming 252 message, returned on the relevant 300S message. This would enable further alignment between ROI and NI in the Harmonised special read process.

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