Monthly Archives: April 2012

MCR 1085 – Change to MPD 29 – Grouped CoS

RMDS is undergoing a process review of all unmetered process documents (process flows, supplementary documents, UNM templates, operational optimisation and any other information). MPD 29 – Grouped CoS forms part of this review. This DR deals with the changes to…

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MCR 1033 – Add Market Participant Business Reference to 300 MM with CoLE Reads and any subsequent 300W MM withdrawing the CoLE Read

With the increase in the volumes of Domestic customers changing Supplier, Market Participants are experiencing a rise in the number of issues around CoLEs. In situations where there are multiple CoLEs in a short period of time, difficulties arise in…

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DR 1096 – Customer Service Special Needs – expansion of ROI code setto align with NI practice

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MCR 0080 – Remove Meter Point Status Field from 017 Message

Detail of Change Request In certain circumstances 017 messages are not being progressed where they are submitted with Meter Point Status and Meter Point Status reason codes which are not in alignment. It is proposed to remove the Meter Point…

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MCR 0173 – Sending of 331MM when import and export are sent to different suppliers

Detail of Change Request Background This MCR concerns non participant generator sites where import and export are registered to different suppliers. A 331 message issues to suppliers who are registered for import at a QH MPRN. This 331 message contains…

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