MCR 1023 – Estimated Readings for Change of Legal Entity

It was agreed at harmonisation that NI Suppliers will use the Change of Legal Entity (Tenancy) MM 016 instead of MM N013 to advise of a Change of Legal Entity (CoLE). Suppliers will be able to, but are not required to submit readings as part of the CoLE. The Required Date, if provided, is taken to be the move-in date for the new tenant. If the required date is omitted or predates the last DUoS bill then the message date will be taken as the move-in date. Readings, if provided, will be processed as move-out readings dated on the day before the required date.

Readings will be validated and processed for settlement if valid and advised to the Supplier using message 300. Readings are ignored in the following circumstances: (a) The required date is not provided or is in the future; (b) The Meter Point is unmetered or is interval metered. This will not prevent the CoLE. Where the required date is more than <to be agreed> into the future, then NIE will review the required date. Where NIE is informed of a CoLE using MM 016 and readings are not provided or fail validation, NIE would not estimate readings as the change is not relevant for settlement or DUoS billing.

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