DR 1057 – Removal of Usage Type on 010

Currently in NI, when a Change of Supplier 010 message is received if the Read Arrangement is set as ‘MC’ and the MCC is different from that at
the premise, fieldwork can be raised to change the metering configuration and an associated change of usage and DUoS Group will be
performed. This process allows for a change to interval metering as part of a CoS. Additionally, if the Usage Type field is populated with a value
that is different from that held in NIE’s systems, a change of usage will be performed on the NIE’s systems.
This Discussion Request proposes that the Usage Type field is removed from the 010 Change of Supplier market message. As a result, a
change of Usage Type will be prevented from occurring on a 010 market message. Additionally, a change of DUoS Group will not be allowed as
part of a Change of Supplier process.
The rationale for this change is to further harmonise the NI and RoI processes for change of use and for tariff changes associated with a Change
of Supplier

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