DR 1056 – Removal of Fields from NI Market Website

This Discussion Request proposes removing the following fields from the NI Market Website for the Enduring Solution: Usage Type; Meter
Multiplier; Certification Category; and Annual Burning Hours.
The rationale for removing each of these fields is outlined below:
Usage Type:
Usage Type is to be removed as this information can be derived from other fields that will be displayed on the Market Website:
– DUoS Group
– Meter Type (a new field, indicating whether or not a meter installed at the site is capable of operating in credit mode or prepayment mode or
both modes)
– Prepayment Indicator (a new field, indicating the current operating mode of credit or keypad at the installation).
Meter Multiplier:
Meter Multiplier is to be removed as the inclusion of this field may cause confusion and result in Suppliers incorrectly applying this multiplier to
meter reads that are to be submitted to NIE.
Certification Category (Meter):
Certification Category (Meter) is to be removed as this field is for internal NIE use and is of no relevance to Suppliers.
Reason For Change
Initial version issued to HWG
Removal of Fields from NI Market Website
Harmonisation Status
Harmonisation Baseline Version No.
Classification of Request
CLOSED – Jurisdictional Specific

Annual Burning Hours:
Annual Burning Hours is to be removed from the Market Website at Un-metered inventory item level and instead Burn Hour Calendar is to be
displayed at MPRN level for Unmetered MPRNs. This is in line with the details that are displayed for Un-metered MPRNs on the ROI Market

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