MCR 1031 – Change to COS Registration for Keypad

This Discussion Request proposes to change the Change of Supplier (CoS) process for a keypad meter where no physical metering changes, meter configuration changes or energisation are required. The current enduring solution process is as follows: when a Supplier sends in MM 010 CoS keypad Registration the customer is obliged to contact NIE to complete the Keypad CoS on the keypad meter e.g. manually perform Retained Credit and CoS processes which will also include providing codes, reads and the new Keypad Premise Number to the customer over the telephone and the ordering of the new Keypad Premise Card to be sent to the customer.

This Discussion Request proposes that the New Supplier will be responsible for contacting the customer to perform the retained credit process when the customer is at the physical keypad meter and within the timeframe in order to complete the Change of Supplier process. The New Supplier may also provide CoS Reads on 210 MM, which must be taken and dated the same day as the retained credit has been completed and received within the specified timeframe.

Unlike other CoS processes, for this process only when the retained credit has been completed on PRI within the timeframe NIE will estimate the CoS Read regardless of whether or not the “Change of Supplier Estimate Acceptable” has been set to “1” i.e. a logical value of True on 010 (CoS) MM as the CoS will have effectively been completed.

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