DR 1044 – Removal of Cooling off Period

To remove the cooling off period from enduring solution systems design for all domestic changes of Supplier, both credit metered and prepayment.
This proposal also allows the Supplier to submit the registration market message after the cooling off period has completed. For domestic credit
metered registrations the 010 market message can include the readings collected at the point of sale ie at the start of the cooling off period and
the effective date of the CoS will be the day following the date of the reading. Under NIE’s proposal for keypad non-visit Cos, documented under
DR1031, the readings cannot be provided on the 010.
With the removal of the cooling off period from the registration window it becomes necessary to include a period, following the validation of the
registration market message but prior to the issue by NIE of completion market messages, to allow the Old and New Suppliers to submit debt
contact notifications or cancellation market messages respectively before the CoS process completes. Following discussions with some Suppliers,
NIE now proposes a delay of 2 business days from registration receipt by NIE, to align with the 2 day delay for debt objections for non-domestic registrations
in NI.

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