DR 1040 – New Value in 591 message for Unmetered Total Usage Factor

SAP is currently designed to provide the total usage factor in the 591 NQH aggregated message per standard profile and time of use. The values that are defined in the schema for the “TimeOfUse” field are 00D, 00N and 24H. However SAP does not provide the total usage factor for unmetered sites and MRSO are proposing to add a new value to the time of use field called “UNM”. This will allow MRSO to provide Suppliers with the total usage factor for all unmetered MPRN’s and also assist Suppliers with shadow data aggregation or data reconciliation. MRSO would like to
include this change as part of the Global Aggregation release currently scheduled for 2011 as it would bring completeness to the “TimeOfUse” field on the 591 message and feel that this is an opportune time to deliver same.

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