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DR 1038 – Supplier Advice of Long-Term Vacant Property

The current NI Retail Market Procedures allow for the reserved word “vacant” to be used in the Customer Name field on the Change to Customer Details Market Message 013. This uses a field within the 013 market message which should…

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DR 1040 – New Value in 591 message for Unmetered Total Usage Factor

SAP is currently designed to provide the total usage factor in the 591 NQH aggregated message per standard profile and time of use. The values that are defined in the schema for the “TimeOfUse” field are 00D, 00N and 24H….

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DR 1041 – Registration Cancellation Timescale

This Discussion Request proposes that the timescale associated with Registration Change of Supplier cancellation request is changed. Currently Registration cancellation requests can be submitted by Suppliers within 100 business days of the Registration request completing. With the introduction of market…

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DR 1059 – Removal of Implied Energisation from 030

This Discussion Request proposes that the concept of implied energisation be removed from the 030 market message. The harmonised 030 Market Message Implementation guide states that “A request for a change of meter configuration for a site that is currently…

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MCR 1037 – WP 18 Procedure where a customer has a Budget Controller (Token Meter) Installed

Requirement for a procedure to be documented where a customer has a Budget Controller (Token Meter) installed. Click here to open the document.  

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MCR 1032 – Alignment of Meter Configuration Codes

It was agreed at harmonisation that Meter Configuration Codes (MCC) would remain as per those used in both NI and RoI. This Discussion Request proposes that NIE aligns its current MCC codes to reflect the registers used at any specific…

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MCR 1030 – Read Single Rate Keypad Meters

After discussion with NIAUR, it is proposed that NIE will read single-rate keypad meters as part of the quarterly read schedule. The original Enduring Solution requirements proposed that only multi-rate keypad meters would be included in the quarterly read schedule….

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MCR 1017 – Change Keypad Meter Configuration – Supplier Execution to

Currently Suppliers can submit a Fieldwork request (030) for a keypad meter configuration change which does not require a site visit. NIE performs the configuration change and obtains meter readings during a telephone call with the customer. This Discussion Request…

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