MCR 1016 – Use Market Message for Ungrouped Unmetered MPRNs only. Grouped Unmetered MPRN and associated Unmetered MPRNs to be Processed Manually

This Discussion Request proposes the introduction of a Group MPRN level for unmetered sites. A new Group MPRN will be created for all MPRNs that are associated with the same customer. The Group MPRN and associated MPRNs will be available on the Market website.

New Connection Registration, Change of Supplier Registration and Change of Legal Entity requests for Grouped unmetered sites will be requested manually by Suppliers at the Group MPRN level. Inventory updates or changes from customers will be advised manually and applied at the MPRN level. NIE will send 700 and 701 market messages for all unmetered sites at MPRN level where there is a New Connection Registration, Change of Supplier Registration or Change of Legal Entity. NIE will issue a 701 market message monthly for all unmetered MPRNs as part of the billing process.

The exception to this approach will be single/one-off unmetered sites referred to as Ungrouped unmetered sites. For such sites New Connection Registration and Change of Supplier Registration requests will be requested by Suppliers using market messages.

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