DR 0181 – Adding Market Participant Business Reference to Cole Reads on the 300 Market Message

The Market Participant Business Reference is provided in the Message Header of the 016 MM sent by
the Supplier to request a CoLE. Currently, this field is not populated on the 300 MM which issues with
the CoLE read(s). If populated, this reference would enable the Supplier to uniquely identify the original
016 (CoLE) message to which the 300 MM is the response. There is a requirement now for ESB
Networks to populate this Market Participant Business Reference on the 300 MM which is sent to the
Supplier with the CoLE reading(s).
Any subsequent 300W Market Message signifying withdrawal of the CoLE reading(s) would also require
to have this Market Participant Business Reference field populated.
This field already exists in the Schema for the 300 and 300W MMs, as an optional field on the MPRN
level information, in both cases. This request will therefore not necessitate a change to the Schema.

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