DR 0177 – Treatment of Supplier Unit excess of Generation over Demand

There is a requirement that the functionality of the Retail Market that sets positive Supplier Units to zero, along with any associated out-of-market registration checks and information messaging, be turned off. This will enable positive values to be displayed in the 590 & 596 messages, if there is excess generation over demand in a Supplier Unit. It will also allow both SEMO and the relevant Supplier to see the true value being aggregated against a particular Supplier Unit. This change will impact on the contents of the 590 NPED (Non Pricing Effecting Demand) file and the 596 message.
When a Supplier Unit has excess generation, the system changes the value in the affected Supplier Unit to zero. This triggers a Work Item for MRSO, who in turn manually upload the positive volumes for dispatch to SMO by email. MRSO now want this functionality to be terminated, as it is no longer required.
In addition, it is proposed that the requirement for self-certification by the Supplier at registration of out-of-market generation, be removed.

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