MCR 1019 – Cancellation of De-Energisation Service Orders for Change of Supplier with CoLE

When a new Supplier sends in a 010 Market Message for a Change of Supplier, there may be an outstanding Service Order, requested by the outgoing Supplier, which needs to be completed at the site. Consequently, in order that the CoS can progress, MRSO manually notifies both Old and New Suppliers of the outstanding Meter Works/De-energisation request. The Old Supplier then cancels the Work Order, subject to the applicable DSO/MO rules, and the New Supplier is informed of the Work Order cancellation.

This manual process can lead to unnecessary Meter Works and consequent delays in the completion of the Change of Supplier transaction, because it can sometimes transpire that new sign-ups need to be de-energised before they can be registered with a New Supplier. The time period without energy is normally 24 hours however, there is potential for this period without supply to extend for longer as the official SLA is set at 10 days.

Additionally, Transaction Charges are applied where the Meter Works is carried out. This is unnecessary for a CoS with a CoLE. Automatic cancellation of Meter Works in such a situation, and notifying Supplier(s) of such an action, would rectify this problem.

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