Monthly Archives: May 2009

DR 0166 – Allow incomplete set of reads for multiple meters to

Currently when Market participants submit reads via market message 210, validation is in place within the Central Market System (CMS) which prohibits the acceptance of an actual read as part of an incomplete set of reads for a site with…

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DR 0169 – New reject reasons for address change rejection

MPRN/Site Address change requests are sent by suppliers to ESBN via the 013 message. Each site address change is outsorted and reviewed by a member of the Networks Database team. Some change requests involve lengthy investigations before a decision is…

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DR 0170 – Email Address Validation

The upgrade of the Central Market System has resulted in the requirement of email validation across the market. The Upgraded Central Market System (SAP ERP6) requires emails to be structured according to the following rules: • A mail address may…

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