Monthly Archives: August 2008

DR 0156 – Recalculation of Consumption Estimates

ESB Networks provides meter readings to electricity suppliers for the RoI retail electricity market. For non-quarter hourly non-maximum demand meter points, actual or estimated readings are provided 6 times a year for each meter point. In cases where access is…

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DR 0157 – Addition of Vulnerable Customer data deletion flag on 102

CER produced a directive in December 2005 which required electricity and gas providers to safeguard the provision of supply where a customer was deemed vulnerable (vulnerable customer being defined by CER as those reliant on electrical life support equipment, the…

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DR 0158 – Addition of Generator Unit ID and Export arrangement ID to Extranet

A request was made by Market Participants to: • Display the Generator Unit ID on the extranet at MPRN level (IGG held on 29.11.2007). • Facilitate a search on the extranet by Export arrangement ID (EARN), Generator unit ID and…

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DR 0159 – Addition of 331MM to notify of QH meter removal during QH de-energisation with meter removal process

Currently when a QH meter is removed from a site undergoing de-energisation, no market message is sent notifying the supplier of the removal. Message 106D is sent notifying of de-energisation but no message is sent indicating the meter was removed….

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