MCR 0163 – Increase in tolerance levels for NQH Meter Reading validation

This Discussion Request has been raised to discuss increasing the tolerance levels for NQH meter reading validation


Currently, the NQH Data Collection team manually handle several hundred meter readings a day that have been outsorted, because the indicated register consumptions are outside the established thresholds for plausibility. The tolerance levels are applied to all NQH consumptions (calculated taking account of the Register Factor (Multiplier), where applicable). Readings where this consumption is outside the stated tolerances, are deemed implausible, and require manual intervention. In the business process for handling these outsorts, readings within a wider band are accepted and those outside this band are rejected. This change to the market design proposes to include these de facto tolerance bands in the automated validation process. This means replacing the current automated tolerance bands with these proposed limits. This will reduce the number of implausible meter readings outsorted on a daily basis, thereby speeding up the billing and issuing of these readings to the market, via market messages.

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