MCR 0154 – Versioning of 341 messages


At the March 13th 2008 Conference Call, participants agreed to the creation a new market message which would contain the Export data that is currently carried on the 341 market message (Channels 52 EXP QH (kW) and 53 EXP QH (kVAr)). This means that the 341 market message will have to be modified to exclude the Export data. Both the 341 and 342 market messages will also include version numbers at the MPRN level which will indicate the latest readings for a given day. The Version Number stored at the MPRN level will increment every time a new 341 or 342 is issued for a particular day. The proposed versioning change would replace the existing process whereby an e-mail issues from MRSO to Market Participants to notify them of the sending of replacement QH interval data. The proposal also covers all possible scenarios that may result in an updated reading being issued (see Table page 2).

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