DR 0153 – Working Practice 0016 – Document the procedure to be used for like-to-like QH meter

When a QH meter is replaced, both the MV90 (data polling) system and the Central Market System (SAP IS/U) need to be updated. Since data is polled daily, the market design calls for the Network Technician to advise the new meter details to PDS from the site. On the other hand, updating of the CMS has depended on the paper service order being sent to Database and the data being keyed in.
For this delay period, the daily consumption (341) messages continue to carry the serial number of the old meter. When the CMS is updated, the meter works (331) message will issue. It will correctly advise the actual date of the replacement as the effective date of the change. The result is a mismatch or validation issue between the stream of 341s and the date of installation as advised to the supplier.
This DR proposes a working practice to resolve this issue. The working practice has been piloted, fine-tuned, discussed with the IGG and is currently in operation. The Working Practice formalises the details.

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