MCR 0158 – Enhancements to the guidance information in the ARIS Data Definitions

As part of a quality review of the design documentation, RMDS has re-examined the Data Definitions in terms of usefulness for the reader. As a result it is proposed to standardise the format and content of the information provided in ARIS across all the data definitions.

Please note that this Market Change Request is entirely concerned with the user friendliness of ARIS and does not impact on IT systems. The attached document outlines the ARIS Data Items and the proposed changes to the various attribute fields.

(Note: The corresponding schema name for each data item is shown in the document since this was part of the review process. Since this attribute is not present within the ARIS tool, it is not proposed to add schema name to the ARIS data definitions at this point. The inclusion of schema name is an objective for the future and the clearest way to accommodate the extra information will be investigated and followed up with a further proposal.)

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