Monthly Archives: October 2007

DR 0151 – Amending Generator Unit ID and Generation Unit ID

A number of documentation issues have arisen with the Generation Unit ID data item that requires correction: (Please note that schema 6.1 is correct and does not require change.) • ‘Generation Unit ID’ is a data item that appears on…

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MCR 0155 – Corrections to ARIS Market Message Structures

It is an objective of the market design documentation to be as closely integrated as possible. It should be possible to build an XML message based on its depiction in ARIS. As part of a quality review of the design…

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MCR 0152 – Vulnerable Customers – Phase 3

Purpose This Change Request has been raised to discuss the required changes to support the third phase of provision of services to Vulnerable Customers. Note that MCR0141 was previously raised to implement phase 1 and MCR 0147 was raised to…

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