DR 0120 – Rejection of change of usage requests DG5 to 1 or 2 where MIC is greater than or equal to 30 kVA

Suppliers can currently request a change of usage for a premises they supply using Market
Message 013 as follows:
• Change of usage from Residential to Commercial
• Change of usage from Commercial to Residential
A change from Commercial to Residential means that (if verified by Networks) the DUoS group
also changes from DG5 to DG1 or 2.
The DUoS rules provide that business DUoS tariffs apply to any premises with an MIC of 30
kVA or greater. This validation on the 013 was added to the implementation on the central
market system in the past to speed processing of requests: if the site has a Maximum Import
Capacity (MIC) of 30 kVA or more a change from Commercial to Residential is invalid and is
rejected using Market Message 014R (Rejection Code ICU).

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