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DR 0108 – Business rules for estimation/substitution of QH meter data to be added to MPD 15

Propose change to MPD 15 Data Processing for QH meters section 3 Supplementary Information as follows; • The QH Data Collector will report to MRSO where estimated or substituted data has been used continuously for more than one week, and…

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MCR 0081 – Proposal to change Suppliers Extranet so that it shows only billable devices

As shown by the screen shot below, the Retail Market Participant Extranet displays technically installed meters as well as billable ones. This means that if Suppliers use the Extranet to validate the information received at CoS or following a meter…

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MCR 0062 – New rule for MPD1 NQH Change of Supplier

This change request is to include the 20 day rule regarding CoS readings in MPD 1 NQH Change Of Supplier and the approved market procedures. This is to ensure that the final bill issued to the customer by the old…

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MCR 0082 – Proposal to modify the Readings Processor to allow it to handle export date

The table below details how the Readings Processor currently handles 341 messages i.e. QH data. Click here to open the document.

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MCR 0079 – Proposed Solution to Actual CoLE reads being replaced

ESB Customer Supply request a revised procedure in the case of where Actual CoLE reads provided by Supplier are not being used where poor read history resulting in actual reads being replaced by estimates At present the Custom COLE Validation…

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MCR 0075 – Amendment to 501S

Following on from discussions at the Mod Panel, CER has decided that NQH consumption should be resettled on a half hourly basis for the time since January 2005 until the SEM arrangements are fully phased in. To carry out the…

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DR 0111 – Minor Amendments to MPD 14

It is proposed to include supporting information in MPD14 – Readings Processing – Non QH Meter section 3 Supplementary Information as follows: ‘Whenever any standard profile change occurs that is not concurrent with the billing of a settlement relevant reading,…

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