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DR 0109 – Addition of Meter Category Document to market baseline

Request that the document MOIP Device Category List V5.0 be included in the Market Design and therefore come under Market Change Control. Click here to read the document.

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DR 0098 – Provision of Eligible Customer List

It is proposed to create a list of all eligible customers in all DG classes with the exception of domestic customers (DG1 and DG2). The following data will be made available using the extranet facility: MPRN, Customer Name, Meter Point…

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DR 0097 – Amendment to 501S

It is proposed to amend the 501S message -To advise the NQH consumption differences calculated in Re-Aggregation during a Reconciliation Period for the provision of differences at 15 min intervals rather than currently at rolled up single day and night…

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DR 0104 – Proposed Solution to Actual CoLE reads being replaced by estimates where poor read history

ESB Customer Supply request a revised procedure in the case of where Actual CoLE reads provided by Supplier are not being used where poor read history resulting in actual reads being replaced by estimates At present the Custom COLE Validation…

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DR 0105 – Remove Meter Point Status Field from 017 Message

In certain circumstances 017 messages are not being progressed where they are submitted with Meter Point Status and Meter Point Status reason codes which are not in alignment. It is proposed to remove the Meter Point Status Field from the…

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DR 0106 – Proposal to change Suppliers Extranet so that it shows only billable devices and add Meter Multiplier field

It is proposed to raise an MCR in order to change the way the Extranet site maps to Networks SAP ISU so that only Billable registers are viewable on the Site. In addition it is proposed to add Meter Multiplier…

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DR 0107 – Proposal to modify the Readings Processor to allow it to handle export date

At present the readings processor converts newly-received 341 messages with import data into a single file in the format of the interim MRSO system (legacy format). As a result of Working Practice 12 a Generator now has the option of nominating…

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