Monthly Archives: December 2005

DR 0088 – Addition of Irish language Characters to Character Set

At present the market messaging solution being used in the Retail Electricity market does not allow for the use of Irish Language characters (i.e. the use of the ‘fada’). It is proposed to modify the XML schema to allow all…

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DR 0090 – Modification to MPDs -Management of QH Eligibility

The following changes are required to MPD5 New NQH Metered Connection & MPD 15 Data Processing for QH Meters to cater for proposed new arrangements for QH Eligibility MPD5 New NQH Metered Connection Click here to read the document.

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DR 0091 – New MPD 35 Change of Metering From NQH to QH

New Process (MPD 35) required to document the process to move a site from NQH to QH metering. This process covers the procedure for changes of metering from NQH to QH requested by the registered supplier at a meter point…

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