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DR 0084 – Demolished Premises Supplier to Send De-Energisation Request New Procedure

ESB Networks propose to implement a new procedure in the case of demolition of premises. New procedure would ensure that the Supplier is responsible for issuing a De-energisation Market Message in all cases where premises are being demolished once made…

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DR 0085 – Proposed Revision to Non NPA Re-Energisation/De-Energisation Requests

ESB Networks propose to implement a revised procedure in the case of NPA Re-energisation / De-energisation requests. Revised procedure would ensure that when the Meter Operator staff member goes to site to de-energise or re-energise and is unable to carry…

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DR 0083 – New Customer Letters Proposed in Vacant Premises and no Access Scenarios

ESB Networks propose to leave letters at Customer premises in the following scenarios Sample copies of the letters are attached for reference: 1. Where a Non NPA De-energisation is carried out. The letter informs the new occupier to contact the…

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DR 0073 – New rule for MPD1 NQH Change of Supplier

MOIP clarification to Airtricity “At the MIG on November 19th [2003] it was stated that where a reading is to be disputed this should be done within twenty days. This applies to COS readings as well as any other to try…

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DR 0079 – Provide a New Market Message to TSO_SSA, with Customer Details, on Change from NQH to QH.

An issue has been identified with the Market Design for supporting the ESBNG when communicating the completion of a QH meter works job. The issue arises when ESB Networks complete a NQH to QH exchange. Click here to read the document.

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DR 0082 – Addition of Effective from date to 114 message

Following on from DRR 0073 – Amendment to Message 114 in DG change scenario Suppliers will no longer receive the message 301 where a 013 message has flagged a change in DUoS group. As a result Suppliers have had to…

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MCR 0061 – Addition of message tracking functionality to Extranet

  Introduction   A mechanism has been requested to allow Suppliers to link a number of Supplier created messages with the responses messages produced by ESB Networks to cover a number of key process areas: The processes proposed for inclusion…

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MCR 0059 – Add Register type to MPRN publication site

The Register type code values should be provided on the MPRN publication site. This codified field will be provided under the ‘List of Meters’ section. An exact location will be identified as part of the design for the change, if…

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