Monthly Archives: June 2005

MCR 0060 – New Message to contain customer details on conversion from NQH to QH

An issue has been identified with the Market Design for supporting the ESBNG when communicating the completion of a QH meter works job. The issue arises when ESB Networks complete a NQH to QH exchange. In this case ESB Networks…

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DR 0076 – Add register type to the MPRN publication site

Add register type to the mprn publication site. Click here to read the document.

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DR 0080 – Update MPD 29 to cater for SoLR Process for Grouped Unmetered

Revert to SOLR” MPD 4 covers SPU but not Grouped Unmetered. The SOLR process in Supply depends on receiving MM 105 to trigger the CoS Gain workflow. As there is no such message associated with Grouped Unmetered, because it is…

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