DR 0064 – Amendments to de-registration process

Referring to email from Maria Coyne CER re Schedule of Approved 2005 Distribution Use of System
Tariffs dated 06/10/04 “Section 3.1, bullet point six stated “Suppliers will be invoiced for DUoS Charges
for each MPRN registered to them at the time of billing. For de-energised sites, Suppliers will be charged
the Standing Charge and MIC Capacity Charge particular to the DUoS Group, for three months until deregistration.”
The Commission has decided that this will take effect following the first revision to the
MOIP system, expected to be around June 2005.”
Request that MRSO systems be amended to change the validation parameters for de-registration of
currently 6 months to 3 months as detailed in the above referenced document.

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