Monthly Archives: September 2004

MCR 0046 – Changes required to Market messages – ESB National Grid

To support ESB National Grid requirements, where the site is QH , the following market messages are to be sent to TSO • Msg 114 – Change of Customer Details • Msg 301 – Meter Point Characteristics • Msg 106E-Meter…

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MCR 0045 – Changes required to MPD – ESB National Grid

ESB National Grid requirements. MPD 16 – SSA Controls- Controls required by SSA have been agreed and to be documented separately in Working Practice 007. NOTE: This MCR will not impact on other Market Participants Click here to open the…

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DR 0057 – Customer Special Needs

Suppliers to receive communication advice from DSO where DSO have special needs details on record which the supplier may not have any record of e.g special needs field on MM010 is blank however DSO has a record of special needs…

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DR 0042 – Clarifications to MPDs arising from TSO and SSA comments

Following discussions with ESB National Grid it has become apparent that Version 4.1 of the MPDs does not sufficiently cater for TSO and SSA requirements. While the exact details of the changes required must be agreed and discussed between MOIP,…

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